About Canine Concern

Our charity, Canine Concern, was established in 1988 by Eve Waring, who had seen how important dog visits were to the elderly and lonely.

In the years that have followed, Canine Concern has continued to provide care dog visits to those who may benefit the most from our service, such as care homes, hospitals, work places and schools.

The medical profession endorses our findings that allowing animals, especially dogs, into hospitals brings comfort to long-stay patients and those vulnerable to loneliness and depression.

As a charity, we rely on a team of trusted volunteers, who take part in our visits with their dogs, as well as support and donations from members of the public and corporations, so that we can continue our work for many years to come.

We are ambitious for the future, hoping that our service will reach many who will benefit from it, however our ambition is to not over expand as we believe in being a happy, supportive group where every member is special and important.

We encourage members from all walks of life to join our team, and whatever your individual needs may be, you will be supported by our charity, which is like a strong, caring family. Having members who can bring their own experiences with them will only enhance the service we provide and make our care dog visits more empathetic.

Our joining fees for our volunteers are purposefully kept low, in order that anyone on any income can join us. We always welcome donations and legacies, but do not actively push this as we feel our work should come first.

There are many people in hospitals, residential homes or living alone who are no longer in a position to care for pets and miss their companionship greatly. So if you have an hour to spare each week or fortnight and would like to share the joy your dog gives you with others who are less fortunate, please join us at Canine Concern.

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About Canine Concern

Our History

Our founder, Eve Waring, believed in reaching out to people through their dogs. Her vision was for the Canine Concern group members to be friendly and supportive of each other as well as to the people, old and young, that were visited.

The group grew across England and Wales, with local coordinators supporting new members on their visits, as well as providing friendship for established members. We all need a friendly ear to tell our many success stories to, as well as to share our challenging moments, which are few and far between. There are many stories to be told of the successes and experiences of our members. Some sad, some happy, but all emotional and good in their own way.

Canine Concern has been a successful charity throughout its time, with Eve at the helm for nearly 30 years. Unfortunately, on 4th April 2017, Eve passed away. With the help of Barbara Gasson, a long standing member and area coordinator, the charity’s Head Office was transferred to it’s current place in East Sussex. Where Barbara and Val Fillery picked up the reigns to keep the charity doing it’s great work. 

Canine Concern continues to flourish and, in February 2018, became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This was when we also celebrated 30 years of being a charity whose policy and belief is, and always will be, the organisation that cares for people as well as dogs.

Currently, we are going from strength to strength, with Val Fillery as our CEO, Brian as our commercial manager, our team of supportive trustees, and not forgetting our team of supportive and caring volunteers and their brilliant dogs.