Where do we visit

We can currently visit a number of locations in which care dog visits may enhance the wellbeing of others.

Care homes, hospitals and hospices

We provide care dog visits to those in the community who may benefit the most from our service. Allowing care dogs to visit residents of care homes and patients in hospitals or hospices brings much comfort to long-stay patients and those vulnerable to loneliness and depression.

Police and ambulance services

Our popular care dog visits to emergency service front-line departments help with staff mental health issues and work-related stress. Working in jobs with such long hours means that not everyone can have their own furry companion as a pet, so our care dog visits bring a sense of calm and enjoyment to many who find themselves in this situation.

Private companies

The feedback we get from businesses who have arranged our care dog visits is amazing, with many companies even telling us their productivity is up and their absenteeism is down since introducing our care dog visits to their establishment.

Many more companies are now also organising wellness days, where staff are encouraged to participate in various activities to help with their health and wellbeing. When we have been invited to take part in these days, the staff have often said our visit was the best activity of the day.

Schools and universities

We carry out lots of work with children and young people, including going into schools and libraries so that children can read to our care dogs (not to mention cuddle up to, gently stroke and talk to), through our Read to Dogs programme, as well as visiting Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts’ groups to talk about the importance of dog care. We work with special needs groups for the sensory aspect this provides, as well as with several university and national health studies to help with dog phobia research.

Our popular Read to Dogs programme in schools is currently expanding and we are very happy to be part of the Kennel Club’s Bark & Read programme, and thank them for the support they have given us.

Prisons and county courts

Our care dog visits can break down so many barriers in life and give enjoyment, hope and companionship to all, as well as providing a much-needed calming influence in sometimes highly stressful situations and jobs.

Our founder, Eve Waring, always said we reach out to people through our dogs, and this is exactly what we strive for and continue to do.

If you would like to arrange a Canine Concern care dog visit to your establishment, please click here.

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