Showcase November 2023

Savannah was born 21st February 2009 and had four brothers and four sisters.

On 8th June 2010 she became a Canine Concern dog. She continued visiting many places, including two care homes in her last week before she went to Rainbow Bridge on 27th September 2023. She saw me putting my visiting bag on, and promptly sat by the front door. She was semi-retired by then but these two visits she wanted to do and certainly did them well, smiling all the time.

Her dad, Charlie, is still going strong at 15 years, 6 months, so she had some good genes. Her breeder, Teresa Scotcher, has always been there for her, even joining me in saying goodbye to Savannah as she started her last long sleep.

Savannah was always a friendly dog, but also had some mischievous ways. She would chew our post up before we got to it if we weren’t quick enough. She chewed up many bank notes, which we had to stick together with Sellotape and plead with the bank staff to replace, which they always did with a giggle. She also loved any muddy puddles, which was usually just before she was due to visit somewhere, so we needed to do a quick bath and dry before I was able to take her in. She then trotted in with a lovely innocent smile and with her lovely long eyelashes she wooed everyone we visited, young or old.

Savannah was a nightmare at trying to find a hole in a fence or an interesting smell to follow on our walks. I once lost her for an hour in local woods, and many people were looking for her when she just trotted out of the woods covered in mud and brambles smiling all over her face.

She started her life with us living with Cadbury, a chocolate Labrador for her first ten years.

A young Savannah.

Konnor a white Labrador, at 5 years.

Flake now, who is just 18 months old. She was just 8 weeks old in this photo.

When younger, Savannah loved doing agility, but not the scary seesaw or high walks. Towards the end she enjoyed a gentle walk with lots of sniffs and people to greet. She loved all food (a typical retriever), but for treats she loved apples, bananas and carrots. Very useful for keeping her weight down, what with all the visits and treats she received.

She loved company with people and would go up to anyone she could when we met people on walks, with her smile and wagging tail and bottom. She would insist on these regular walks (and if I was trying to work, she would just bark until I gave in). In the evenings she loved strokes on her back and under her ears and cuddling up to people.  She hated people being angry or upset and would try to comfort them.

She will be missed by so many people, as well as us, her family. But I will always be proud of what she achieved in helping so many.