Lockdown in Schools

Lock down help to schools

We are still helping our children with some ingenious methods using technology and imagination.
Max had to learn the alphabet and identify letters as well as other tasks. He even helped with Maths lessons and German!! Max is still teaching his friends at the school. He is a much better teacher than many of us had at school. These days teaching looks at many different methods and the fun of learning from a dog is great. Well done Max and his owner

We have also been featured in several videos made by staff for their pupils. First one is Daisy at Hollywood School, the Toilet Roll Challenge!!


The talking Dog, Bertie telling his SEN children to keep safe










Honey and Lorna sending their pupils a message with all the other teachers and staff








Finally Pebbles sends regular messages to students


We have had some very ingenious members trying to keep the continuity to their students, until lockdown is lifted and they can go back to weaving their magic in person.