Kratu at Crufts

Just before this lockdown time, do you remember there was Crufts, the annual dog show held by the Kennel Club from 5th-8th March 2020. We had several Canine Concern dogs there, (see the separate Article on Crufts) but many believe the show belonged to Kratu, a Canine Concern care dog who steals the show at the agility course for the last few years. He was rescued as a puppy by his handler, Tessa Eagle Swan, giving him an early start with training and socialising.
It was the third year in a row that Kratu competed in the rescue dogs agility course, a non-competitive section where the animals take as much time as they need to complete the course. But his style is certainly unique.
In 2018 he runs into a plastic tunnel and turns around comes straight back out to the crowd’s delight. He even ran over to a group of volunteer’s mid-way through his performance. He went viral across the world with that Crufts video having just under 14 million views
Last year he managed to make a few jumps, before he changed his mind, changed his direction and decided that tunnel fun was more important, entertaining the crowds and getting a standing ovation. He had a leisurely run around the edge to have a look at the crowd who he loved to play up to.
This year was Kratu’s last year at Crufts, he is retiring and he certainly made it count, getting up to his old tricks of sniffing and hiding in tunnels and general waywardness before grabbing the pole from one of the hurdles in his mouth instead of jumping over it and running off with his prize.
He is a fun loving dog, and we are lucky to have him and Tessa as members of Canine Concern with Tessa’s other dog Polo. This shows that although our dogs can be very calm and well behaved, they can also be mischievous and fun. As a 3 times world viral star clearly shows.
We have many rescue dogs who are just as fantastic, as many of the breeds that people have bought from puppies. They do often need more training and hard work from their owners to get this far, as certain habits are inbred as well as learnt from a very young age, so we admire the work the owners put in as well as the dogs. They all enjoy their work and their play time, whether rescued or not. They give so much love and laughter to people whenever they see them.