Latest membership Update

As part of our continued development and expansion we are having to review all our policies and procedures.
One of our tasks is to review the areas we operate in and the type of dogs that Canine Concern can offer to our people that we visit.
So much has been spoken about raw feeding and possible side effects, without firm case studies of individuals and any consideration leading to scare mongering. This could influence the places that we are visiting, and we feel that we must now act.
As from 1st July 2018 we will be monitoring the intake of new members who raw feed, so that we do not over saturate areas and counties we are visiting, with raw feeding dogs.
We basically seek a mix, of the way that our member feed their dogs, so that if questioned by the establishments that we visit, we can offer alternatives for the visit to both parties.
Our policy remains that we do accept raw fed dogs and ask that the appropriate safety and hygiene measures are taken when visiting, the same for raw feeder and processed feeder alike.
Our current members will not be affected by this and their memberships will be renewed without question.
We would ask all our members to research what goes into the food that we feed our dogs, for their health and wellbeing. You may be surprised?