Lockdown Communication to Carehomes

Lockdown communication to Carehomes

Most of our members have been in regular contact with their carehomes they visit during the lockdown period. This gives a little stimulation for the residents in the homes who have lost their outside entertainers as well as their Canine visitors for a while.

Some of the Emails have been from:
Fenn and Carole, Gracice and Hannah,  and many more members.

Some of the photos have been Charlie watching for any person to social distance from

Rosie showing some of her outside activites

Modern technology has been used for a Skype with Wanda

Charlie and Linda also Skype regularly bringing smiles to their faces, even ‘waving a paw like Sooty’.

We have also prepared and sent Post Cards from Gus Dog

We have even had some actual window visits with Chase, the Golden Retriever

There have been many more of our members keeping in touch with their homes. Such a wonderful thing to do and so caring and thoughtful. Our members are fantastic. We are all looking forward to returning to physical visits, which give even more benefits to people’s health and wellbeing.