Lockdown VE Day

This year marked the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day (VE day).
It was decided in June last year that the May Day Bank Holiday would be moved. It is traditionally the first Monday in May, but this year it was Friday 8th May 2020. This was to give the Nation the opportunity to celebrate. It was intended that more than 20,000 pubs would encourage people to toast the heroes of the war, churches will take part in a ‘Ringing Out For Peace’ and the people will have street parties. How different was the reality?
Although Care Homes still worked hard to help their residents celebrate in style, the entertainers could not attend and nor could our Canine Concern Therapy Dogs. Pubs were in lock down and even places of worship were closed. So no celebrations there. However, the Nation still showed spirit and celebrated the best they could in these times, but group celebrations and visits were certainly out.
But this did not stop our dedicated and ingenious members from using their dogs to send messages to the places they visit. They were dressed up and photos were sent by email. Here are some of them.

VE Day marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. The May Day Bank Holiday has been moved only once before. It was changed from 1 May to 8 May in 1995 to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day. This year it was certainly a different day to what was planned.